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Richmond catering
Golden Fries at Gregory’s Grill

You will find Gregory’s Grill under our tent catering restaurant quality food throughout the state of Virginia including wine and beer festivals, Quantico Modern Day Marine Expo, Poquoson Seafood Festival, Richmond Folk Fest and The South African Wine Festival. Since all our food is prepared on-site, it’s always hot, fresh and delicious.

“That was the best crabcake I have ever had!”

Richmond catering
our signature Maryland style crabcake

“The whole meal was great. The sweet potato fries were the best I have eaten. I also liked the size of the fries, too. I hope you’ll be back next year to the Poquoson Seafood Festival. ” ~ Barbara Evans

“Ate there last Friday. GREAT FOOD! The chicken tenders were delicious and the fries didn’t stay around long either! The best was the CRAB CAKE. YUMMY! Loved it! Thanks to the Gregory Family for a superb meal!”

“Your crab cake was the best I’ve ever eaten! WOW!”~ Lisa Hagen at Rosemont Winery

“We were so excited to see you back again this year at Montpelier. We’ve been dreaming of those delicious crabcakes and oysters!”

“Oysters and crab cakes were AMAZING!”

“We were so impressed with Gregory’s Grill food choices at Grayhaven for The South African Wine and Food Festival.”

“Gregory’s Grill was awesome! Thank you so much for making our hunt club’s annual oyster roast a huge success! We could not have done it without you. The crab soup and fried oysters were delicious and the chili and BBQ were amazing! Also, Greg and his staff are always such a pleasure to work with. They worked so hard and shucked oysters and fed over 300 people quickly and attentively. Our club members take great pride in this event and they have high expectations, which you have certainly met! Great job and we look forward to working with you guys again next year!”

“That (crab bacon) dip… OMG!!! It gave me life!!!” ~La Tiscia Fowlkes at Bacon Festival RVA

“I went back at the end of Sunday, by Gregory’s Grill to get my “last meal” at folk fest… it was raining, kinda coldish and I thought to myself, “I know what I need! a bowl of Gregory’s creamy decadent crab soup” to eat as I meander back to my car to go home. Hope to see you again soon and really hope you all are back at Folk Fest next year.”

“Gregory’s Grill’s crab cakes = awesomeness!!”

“We brought all our friends because you took such good care of us.”

“Gregorys Grill crabcakes are the Best! Everyone I know was raving about Gregory’s Grill crabcakes!! & food!!”